What Are The Advantages Of 3D Printing?

- Jun 05, 2019-

3D printing, as its name implies, is relative to two-dimensional, which is known as 3D printing. It has been developed since the beginning of the 1980s and 1990s. In just a few decades, 3D printing has become popular all over the world, in aerospace, Cars, industrial manufacturing, film and television models, personalized customization and other fields have a place, 3D printing can be developed so rapidly, what advantage is it?

Advantages, the more complex and simple

Three-dimensional printing is one-piece. As long as a three-dimensional data file is formed, no matter how complicated the structure can be printed directly, it can be said that his finished product process is not affected by the complexity, which is complicated compared with traditional industrial manufacturing. A certain degree of product is almost impossible to manufacture. When it comes to 3D printing, there is no such trouble. The more complicated the structure, the better the advantages of 3D printing.

Advantage 2, the more empty and specific

As the saying goes, the ideal is full and the display is very skinny. Many times the designer's ideas are very creative, but in the actual manufacturing process, the designer's ideas cannot be realized because of the constraints of technology and hardware conditions. At this moment, the designer Only able to make a compromise, to sacrifice their creativity in order to cooperate with the manufacturing process. 3D printing designers are no longer constrained by traditional craftsmanship and manufacturing resources, focusing on product form creativity and functional innovation, and pursuing “creation without limits” under the concept of “what you want to be”. Adopting the optimal structural design, it does not need to consider the processing problem, and solves the manufacturing problems of high-end complex and fine structural components of aerospace, ship, automobile and other power equipment. It can be said that the more imaginative the idea is, the more it can reflect the advantages of 3D printing.

Advantage three, more and more environmentally friendly

In our stereotypes, where a city's industrial zone is linked to manufacturing, it is always inseparable from the issues of environmental protection and sustainable development, and 3D printing is a process characterized by additive manufacturing, almost energy and materials. 0 waste, according to relevant statistics, compared with traditional manufacturing, at least 80% of waste is reduced, the more you use, the more environmentally friendly.

Advantage 4, the more urgent the faster

One of the great features of 3D printing is the one-piece molding, which means that there is no need to open the mold, and the three-dimensional image can be directly printed after it is formed, which can form a finished product, an urgent personalized product, which needs to be re-produced by a traditional process, and three-dimensional. Printing can be directly formed, the more urgent the product, the more advantageous.

Advantage 5, the higher the technology, the lower the cost

When it comes to high technology, first of all, the first reaction is inexplicable, it is expensive. It seems that high-tech products and certain expensive have become fixed thinking, but 3D printing is not so rough, from the perspective of small batch customization. The need for mold-free features enables three-dimensional printing to achieve simultaneous production of completely different individualized products in a short period of time, saving time and cost. From the point of view of the rapid sample, it is also a reason. For example, the car prototype is made by 3D printing, and there is no need to open the mold for direct printing. If the sample has problems, it needs to be adjusted, and only need to adjust the three-dimensional image and then print. It can be said that the more high-tech fields such as aerospace, automotive, and personalized small-volume customization, the more obvious the cost advantage of 3D printing.