Three-dimensional Printing Features

- Jun 10, 2019-

1. The image has a strong three-dimensional effect. The foreground is like a floating painting. The background is deep in the painting. It is dynamic and has a strong visual impact. It allows the viewer to stop and stay in love, leaving a deep impression, giving people a new vision of real nature, lifelike and ready-made. Enjoy, with a high value of artistic appreciation.

2. The three-dimensional printed original can be formed by modeling or scene shooting, and ink printing is resistant to high temperatures.

3. The surface of the printed product is covered with a layer of concave and convex mirror-shaped grating plate, which can directly view the stereoscopic effect of the panoramic picture.

4. Color printing must be carried out according to the plan to avoid the expansion and contraction of the paper, resulting in inaccurate overprinting.