Three-dimensional Decorative Painting Production Technology

- Jun 25, 2019-

Three-dimensional graphics drawing technology has been widely used in advertising, photography, graphic design, packaging, card, printing, clothing and other industries, as long as there are pictures, you can use stereo technology to better represent. The new technology in the field of three-dimensional decorative painting, the advent of new products, with its new, special and strange expression techniques, to form a strong visual impact, beautiful and magical environmental appeal, favored by consumers.

3D stereoscopic painting is an ideal form for commercial display promotion. Its special visual charm, its interesting and humorous culture, its interactivity and preservability, and its tidal media effect attract people to dig. Its potential business value. Different from today's already sung songs, performing arts and other forms, 3D stereo painting can be described as unconventional and bloggers.

3D three-dimensional painting has the innate entertainment spirit. When it is combined with grassroots culture and popular elements, it breaks the sense of separation between the people and traditional painting art, so it is easy to be recognized, loved and welcomed by visitors. In addition, the venue is open, the creation and display process is completed in the open air, so the degree of freedom of play is extremely great. If the business theme is implanted in the pre-production, it will bring a sculptural cohesive feel, like a beautiful piece of 3D blockbuster, and many large-scale exhibitions and shopping malls have adopted this method.