The Technical Principle Of 3D Stereo Painting

- Jun 20, 2019-

3D stereoscopic paintings are more and more popular among people. Whether it is home decoration, wedding photography, packaging industry, or advertising media, 3D stereoscopic paintings are everywhere. It can be said that 3D stereoscopic paintings can be seen as long as there are images. Figure. It can be seen that 3D stereoscopic paintings have been closely related to people's work and life. Here, Takes everyone to understand the main features and technical principles of 3D stereoscopic painting.

Main features: vivid color, delicate layer, strong three-dimensional and deep sense, the picture is vivid, it seems to be in front of you, ready to come out, reach out, has a strong visual impact. A perfect 3D decorative painting is a collection of works of art, even souvenirs, to show the taste and values of the owner. Let the room add a unique elegance, warmth and romance.

Technical principle: When people observe objects, they can naturally produce a three-dimensional sense. This is because people use two eyes to observe, there is a certain distance between the two eyes, and a certain angle is formed between the objects and the left and right eyes. The object that is seen will produce parallax. The image formed by this parallax is reflected in the brain, which creates a space and a three-dimensional feeling. The 3D stereoscopic painting is based on this optical principle, and the grating plate is used to refract light. So that the image picture has a sense of depth and three-dimensionality! Ordinary paintings and photographic works, including computer production and three-dimensional animation, only use the human eye to achieve the three-dimensional effect of light, shadow, light and dark, without using the stereo vision of both eyes, one eye and two eyes are the same. . Taking full advantage of the stereoscopic three-dimensional painting will make you see a wonderful world.