The Main Features Of 3D Postcards

- Jun 20, 2019-

In recent years, with the rise of 3D movies, ordinary postcards have been replaced by 3D postcards made by 3D printing technology. 3D postcards made by 3D printing technology can transmit information, exchange ideas, and connect with emotions. The role, but also allows more people to appreciate the taste, gift collection, and more can play an invaluable advertising role for corporate image, brand, scenic scenery, business products.

3D postcards have the same features as ordinary postcards. The main difference is that 3D postcards are made using 3D raster printing technology.

The main features of 3D postcards are:

1. The visual picture is more vivid and realistic, and the three-dimensional sense of space is very persuasive.

2. As a commodity advertisement, display landscape, city propaganda, business advertisement, etc., it has a decisive advertising effect for consumers.

3. According to the image of China Post and the strength of the huge communication network, the advertising credibility is high.

4. It is a communication method that people use in daily habits. It has a broad social consumption base and a friendly image.

5. It can enter the national and even the global postal network circulation, and its advertising spread is wide, which can be described as ubiquitous.

6. Because its communication is "secondary", both the sender and the recipient are objective recipients of advertising, and the frequency of advertising is high. It is a new advertising medium for this small profit.