The First Diffcult Point Of 3D Lenticular Printing

- Jun 05, 2019-

Lenticular technology is reasonable proof of the 3D printing directly determine the quality of the product quality, 3D printing is a key step to success. Grating under the right circumstances proofreading, printing 3D picture will be very clear, there is no shaking point, do not feel dizzy, looks very comfortable.

Anyway, the picture fuzzy, dangling, dizzy, uncomfortable, if the picture is changed, the change is not complete, there is blur. 3D printing and print raster proofing principles are the same, but the method and degree of difficulty is very different.

If it is printed, we can measure at any time, be amended at any raster error, so do 3D raster pattern and showed the best match and 3D effect.

If it is 3D printing, is more difficult, because the batch printing process are generally not possible because the grating to produce a lot of material error version, printed many times, so that not only increase the cost of printing, but also waste a lot of manpower and resources.

If the error regardless of changes in grating materials printed, then the rejection rate will increase, resulting in a lot of finished product failure! Customers are not satisfied, in terms of printing companies, but also the loss, because customers are not satisfied, companies have no profits! Proofreading is a 3D raster printing company's most troublesome issue, but also the most difficult problem, lenticular technology will determine the reasonableness of the finished product is good or bad, high and low rejection rate! Raster data to make the material more stable, we generally recommend regular raster printing companies to purchase materials manufacturers, to select a PET material grating, try to choose the stable production of the same batch grating. Grating companies often purchase all know, is the same manufacturer, same lines of the grating, different batches of procurement, raster data error is relatively large.

Therefore, in the 3D printing, we must test grating on the grating material, according to the results of the test grating proofreading errors. Raster proofing process is very critical, because determine the quality of the product directly ! However, many business-to-raster proofing and did not attract enough attention.

Many technical personnel believe that measured with the grating test software black white, like the corresponding data is raster data, and then to fill the data into 3D software in the synthesis on the line. In fact, the test grating is not so simple, I suggest that 3D designers to see more on our website on the "lenticular technology" related articles, it was just a test for the introduction of 3D raster printing, but also increase the assessment of bulk 3D printing grating error range, press the actual error range, then the use of advanced methods of grating proofreading test results on the grating correction calculation, the most reasonable raster print data to batch printing.