The Choice Of Stereoscopic 3D Stereoscopic Combination Effect

- Jun 20, 2019-

With the continuous development of 3D printing technology, the effects of 3D stereoscopic paintings are more and more, and the simple three-dimensional or variable painting effects no longer satisfy the critical eye of people. 3D stereoscopic printing people began to combine stereoscopic and variable effects, and displayed on the same 3D stereoscopic image. The application of comprehensive effects such as stereoscopic and anamorphic will be more and more. Three-dimensional painting manufacturers can combine several different effects to make a more magical 3D effect, but one thing to note is that there are some restrictions on choosing different combinations of effects. Then, what are the problems that need to be paid attention to when choosing the effect of stereoscopic 3D stereoscopic combination? Below, Super Shadow 3D Printing Company will introduce you to everyone.

For dynamic effects such as painting, melting, scaling and animation, the direction of the raster lines is not limited, and it is also possible to change up and down or left and right. For the stereo effect, the line direction of the grating must be vertical, and only the vertical direction can achieve the stereo effect.

That is to say, the effects of painting, melting, scaling and animation can be combined at will. But if you need stereo effects, the effects of painting, melting, scaling and animation must be left and right, and the effect of changing the left and right will not change up and down.