Real 3D Pictures

- Jun 10, 2019-

3D painting originated from western street culture, English: 3D Street Painting Domestic translation: 3D painting, 3D street painting, street painting, 3D painting, street stereo painting, 3D street painting, street 3D painting, urban stereo painting, City three-dimensional paintings, etc.

The real 3D stereoscopic painting is a three-dimensional raster painting produced by our three-dimensional painting manufacturer using grating material printing. It is also called "three-dimensional painting, panoramic painting, panoramic painting, three-dimensional painting, three-dimensional painting, etc.", there are many kinds, according to different materials, it is divided into PP, PET, PS, PMMA, PVC, PE and so on.

The stronger the stereoscopic effect of the raster stereoscopic picture, the farther the viewing distance is, and the closer the stereoscopic effect is, the closer the viewing distance is. In other words, the bigger the painting, the stronger the stereoscopic effect is, and the thicker grating can be used to look far. The smaller the painting does not require such a strong three-dimensional effect, the thin grating can be used to prevent the eye halo, the grating has the best viewing distance, and the appropriate grating can be selected according to the viewing distance.

The popular 3D painting is to use people's visual difference and optical refraction principle to make people can directly see a three-dimensional painting in a plane. The things in the painting can be highlighted outside the picture or hidden in it. , lively and vivid, lifelike, giving people a strong visual impact.