Promotional Acrylic Standee Maker

- Jul 21, 2020-

Acrylic material products are exquisite in craftsmanship, presenting a mirror effect all day long, and the color is gorgeous and high in saturation and will not fade. Compared with glass and ceramic products, the heat resistance and resistance ability are several times that of glass, and there is almost no danger of breaking.

Light transmittance: It has high transparency, strong light transmittance, soft light, and has the reputation of plastic crystal.

Durability: long-lasting and weather-resistant, non-fading retro and low-key modern design style is a major mainstream of today's fashion aesthetics. Extraordinary plexiglass acrylic crafts, simple and modern styles can still be retro taste, the color is green, white as the main color The tone and shape are based on clear and simple lines, which are quite modern and elegant.

Endurance: 20 times that of glass products, almost no risk of breakage.

Light transmittance: up to 93%; strong light transmittance, soft light, dazzling.

Aesthetics: exquisite craftsmanship, all with mirror effect: no seams.

Weather resistance: long-lasting weather resistance; no fading; service life up to 5-8 years.