How To Make A Lenticular Printing Effect Picture

- Jun 25, 2019-

To make raster 3D stereoscopic effect pictures, first of all, you must master the 3D design operation software and rich 3D stereoscopic painting production experience, in order to make the visually distinct, colorful, the foreground is like a floating picture, the background is deep. In the painting, a dynamic, three-dimensional 3D stereoscopic effect picture.

Three-dimensional graphics technology can be divided into three-dimensional painting technology, three-dimensional painting technology, three-dimensional animation technology (including stereo rotation and stereo scaling).

Three-dimensional three-dimensional drawing technology: is the use of computer software to make ordinary flat pictures into a three-dimensional painting technology;

Three-dimensional variable painting production technology: it is a technique for making multiple image images from different angles;

Rotation and scaling technology: a technique for changing the angle and size of a scene in a picture on a single screen;

Three-dimensional animation drawing technology: It is a technique for making three-dimensional animation cards, three-dimensional magic paintings and other three-dimensional works. It is characterized by the ability to express the continuous movement of a person or other scenes in a painting, and is the most attractive effect in three-dimensional art painting.