How To Adjust 3d Images Better

- Jun 15, 2019-

To make a raster stereoscopic painting, 3D design image adjustment is very important, because the range of depth adjustment of the raster stereoscopic picture is adjusted to adjust the stereoscopic or sharpness of the front and back of the picture. When the same scene is displayed, the larger the shooting interval, the stronger the stereoscopic effect, but the worse the definition. An image with a large stereoscopic depth of field in a raster stereoscopic image may form a ghost of a ghost or a figure, causing psychological or visual discomfort. Then, in the design of raster stereoscopic painting, how to adjust the image better?

The stereoscopic effect of raster stereoscopic images is the result of the interaction of geometric optics and visual psychology. Therefore, using certain laws of visual psychology, the range of stereoscopic depth of field can be appropriately changed. The control laws are as follows:

1. When the current scene and the back scene are important in the picture, the depth of field should be strictly controlled. If the front and back scenes have no complicated texture or important details, the design interval can be increased to increase the depth of field.

2, the current scene and the back scene in the center of the screen should pay attention to control the depth of field, when it is around the screen or corners can relax the three-dimensional depth of field.

3. When the current scene, the rear view and the background contrast are strong, the stereo depth should be controlled. Otherwise, the stereo depth of field can be relaxed.

4. When the current scene and the rear scene have obvious details or vertical line structure, the three-dimensional depth of field should be strictly controlled. Conversely, when the current and rear scenes are mainly horizontally distributed regular patterns, the three-dimensional depth of field can be greatly relaxed.

5. When the rear view is a minor part, and most of it is blocked by the foreground, it is allowed to greatly relax the stereoscopic depth of the background, or calculate the depth of field according to the scene closer to the subject.

6. When there is a person's three-dimensional layer to adjust the scene, pay attention to placing the person's face near the focus layer. The foreground of each part of the body does not exceed -40, and the back view does not exceed 60.

7. When there is text in the stereo image: if it is simple text, it should be no more than -50 forward, no more than 40 backwards, and the text layer should not be hooked; if there is a lot of text, the text The layer is set to 0 layer, so that the three-dimensional text is extended backward through the back view.