Do You Really Understand What Is 3D Printing Technology?

- Jun 10, 2019-

In China, since 2015, 3D printing technology has been appearing in our field of vision. The information we have come to know is that 3D printing technology is a technology similar to printer copiers that can produce three-dimensional works. In fact, this is just a little bit of 3D printing additive technology.

3D printing, also known as “additive manufacturing”, is an important turning point in the development trend of industrial manufacturing. The transformation from traditional material manufacturing to additive manufacturing is not only reflected in the current mainstream rapid restoration creation application. It is reflected in the manufacture of market production and final use parts. This technology completely unleashes the imagination of designers and manufacturers, freeing them from the time or money constraints of the past. Unprecedented speed and efficiency meet manufacturers' needs for weight, shape, quantity, process steps, etc., helping companies reshape new ways of design and industrial manufacturing.

3D printing technology is an important way to promote the development of the times

As a new manufacturing technology, 3D printing production is favored by the manufacturing industry all over the world. So what is "3D printing"?

To put it simply, 3D printing is “making things you design by adding materials.” In terms of technical terms, the process of making objects together using 3D model data to create objects is organized by layer by layer. Turn into a real thing. At this stage, our commonly used 3D printing is usually divided into five types: photocuring (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS), fused deposition (FDM), multi-jet melting (MJF) and selective laser melting (SLM). ). With the continuous development of additive manufacturing in various fields, new 3D printers will continue to be developed to replace traditional manufacturing processes, and eventually transform into production and integration.

At this stage, the 3D printing market accounts for about 75% of industrial production models or mold production, and the remaining 25% is related to the direct production of part molds. With the development of additive manufacturing technology, the 3D printing application market will also More and more extensive. The low-cost, high-quality, on-time delivery features will speed up the application of the 3D printing market, prompting manufacturing companies to make the most of existing resources, not subject to time and space constraints.

3D printing technology is an effective way to repair prototype data

3D printing technology is the way to manufacture products, which is only part of the correct answer. 3D printing technology is not just about product production, it also includes 3D scanning. It is to convert the physical products into three-dimensional data through the precision scanner to meet the user's requirements for three-dimensional digital modification and remanufacturing.