Cartoon Character Decorations

- Jun 23, 2020-

1. Transparency of acrylic phone bracket:

Imported acrylic is made of strict raw materials, advanced formula and modern production technology to ensure the transparency and whiteness of the sheet, crystal clear after laser polishing. Acrylic is colorless and transparent, more than 95% transparency, no yellow reflection.

2. Hardness:

Hardness is one of the parameters which can best reflect the casting process and technology of acrylic, and it is an important link in quality control. Hardness reflects the raw material's MMA purity, the material's weathering resistance and high abuse. The hardness directly affects whether the sheet contracts or bends. Whether the surface will crack when processing is one of the hard marks to judge the quality of acrylic plate. The average Dallol is about 89 degrees. During world War II, due to the excellent strength, toughness and light transmittance of acrylic, it was first applied to the windshield of aircraft and the field of vision mirror of tank drivers' cab.

3. Gloss:

Imported raw materials, soft luster, good reflective effect, with store lighting, elegant quality.

4. Thickness tolerance:

The thickness tolerance of the control room quality management and production technology is an important embodiment, the thickness tolerance of the imported material casting acrylic board is controlled within +-0.2mm.

5. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly:

Non-toxic environmental protection materials, contact with the human body is harmless, when burning will not contain toxic ingredients gas.