3d Three-dimensional Painting Selection

- Jun 30, 2019-

The 3D three-dimensional decorative painting professionally produced by the three-dimensional painting manufacturer has the characteristics of strong stereoscopic effect, distinct layers, colorful colors and good hand feeling. The three-dimensional painting has a strong visual sensory impact, which can make the viewer feel like being in the world and artistic conception of the painting. , allowing the viewer to stop and watch. The unique effects of 3D three-dimensional painting fully expand the visual appreciation of people. It is an important means for many merchants to attract customers. Three-dimensional painting has become an important choice for many family decorations to enhance their taste and self and personality.

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Nowadays, the styles of three-dimensional paintings are becoming more and more abundant, including characters, flowers, landscapes and abstractions, each with its own characteristics. When consumers purchase, they should choose the appropriate pattern according to the space they are placed to avoid the conflict between the three-dimensional decorative painting and the style of the space. For example, in some theme restaurants, you can decorate some beautiful 3D three-dimensional paintings to attract customers' attention and share photos. You can receive stereoscopic paintings to promote the store. If you do not regularly change the 3D decorative paintings of different themes, you can also improve the customer's stickiness, so as to achieve good marketing results.

When purchasing stereoscopic paintings, the color of the frame should be integrated with the surrounding environment. The environment around us is often full of various colors, whether it is wall color, furniture, floor, curtains, sofas, etc. The colors will be different. At this time, the choice of picture frame should mainly consider the environment and the color of the work itself. If the interior furnishings are mainly white, the color of the frame should not be too heavy; in turn, if the interior furnishings are strong, it is not appropriate to choose an all-white frame. As for the work itself, the color of the frame should be coordinated with it, and the contrast is not too strong.