3D Printing Creates A New Vision Of Fashion Life

- Jun 15, 2019-

At present, the most eye-catching on the market is the stereoscopic advertisement using 3D stereo printing, which can perfectly make a variety of visual impact powerful, can bring the display effect to the fullest; there is a kind of one that can be remembered forever. And leave a good memory for the products, brands and services promoted.

The emergence of 3D stereo printing has made the advertising industry market, which has not been so much alive before, become very competitive. 3D printing production skills, with three-dimensional or changing effects, virtually caught the eye of the consumer. Many consumers are paying attention to three-dimensional posters, three-dimensional advertising light boxes, etc., staying in these lifelike 3D stereo ads.

3D stereo printing is a special printing technology. It compresses several or even dozens of images into each unit of the grating material, and then uses the principle of refraction of light to make the human eye produce visual difference at different angles. A vivid sense of animation and three-dimensional space create a new vision of fashion life!