3D Home Decoration Painting Placement

- Jul 05, 2019-

Decorative painting is a kind of art that combines decorative functions with aesthetic appreciation. With the advancement and development of science and technology, the carrier and expression of decorative paintings have become more and more abundant, which has greatly improved the pursuit and love of quality life. Decorative paintings begin to slowly enter thousands of households. In most places, you can see the existence of three-dimensional paintings, or elegant, or happy, or cheerful, or deep, but no matter which form exists, it will give People add a harmony and beauty.

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At present, there are many kinds of decorative paintings on the market, such as oil painting, 3D painting, watercolor painting, dynamic painting, pyrography, mosaic painting, photography painting, tapestry painting, acrylic painting, copper painting, glass painting, bamboo painting, drawing, Paper-cut painting, woodcut painting, rope knot painting, lacquer painting, etc. We are here to talk about 3D stereoscopic painting.

3D three-dimensional painting, now also known as "three-dimensional painting, panoramic painting, panoramic painting, dynamic picture-in-picture, 3D three-dimensional painting, raster three-dimensional painting, 3D raster painting, magical dynamic painting, picture-in-picture". The three-dimensional painting uses modern technology to create a three-dimensional, transforming, layered, and vivid effect in a plane. Each element in the painting, such as animals, figures, flowers, etc., has a strong three-dimensional Feelings and depth perceptions, lifelike, seem to be in front of you, at your fingertips, with a strong visual impact. The three-dimensional decorative painting is a collectible art and souvenir, highlighting the owner's taste and values, and adding a sense of life to the living room while adding elegance, warmth and romance.

3D three-dimensional home decoration painting can be divided into living room decoration painting, study decoration painting, bedroom decoration painting and restaurant decoration painting according to the position.

Living room decorative painting

Because the living room is the facade of a family, it is the main activity area of the family. It is also a hospitality place. It needs beautiful decoration, which can reflect the identity and status of the home owner, as well as knowledge and cultivation. Therefore, several decorative paintings are needed to express the finishing touch to express the master's aesthetic. Feelings.

Study decoration painting

The study room is the place where the owner of the room learns, and it is also the venue for his personality. Hanging decorative paintings that reflect your own desires can not only create a learning, enterprising atmosphere, but also inspire yourself and get inspiration.

Bedroom decorative painting

The role is to relax our body and mind, get a good rest and sleep quality. Therefore, decorative paintings should choose to create a warm atmosphere. Don't choose a style that is too individual and public, and don't hang fierce animals.

Restaurant decoration

Hanging decorative paintings can create a good dining atmosphere that stimulates our appetite. Choose a delicate and elegant picture as well, the color should not be too eye-catching.