What is 3D printing

- Jun 12, 2020-

printing output technology, with a sequence of stereo images to form a picture, the picture surface covered by a layer of grating composition. The purpose of a grating is to direct light from any point on the image in a specific direction to the person's right and left eyes. According to the research, we human eyes watching a 3 d object, eye level as the two separated in two different position, the observed object image is different, they exist between an aberration, because of the existence of the aberration by the human brain, we can feel the depth of a three-dimensional world stereo change, this is the principle of stereo vision. In this way, people do not need to train, do not need to rely on instruments and other tools, the picture directly in front of the eyes can clearly feel the wonderful fun of three-dimensional picture. If the image is made up of a continuous series of animations, then when the eyes move up and down or turn the grating up and down, the Angle between the eyes and the grating will change, and we will also see one continuous image after another, that is, we will see the effect of a moving picture or a changing picture.