What are the specific difficulties of three-dimensional printing?

- Jun 25, 2019-

The pre-printing process of three-dimensional painting mainly includes: three-dimensional drawing design, three-dimensional color separation, three-dimensional image synthesis, three-dimensional plate making (three-dimensional typesetting), raster line number test and other necessary processes.

The primary problem with stereoscopic painting is not to enhance the stereoscopic effect, but to eliminate image sticking and shaking. It is impossible to eliminate it completely and completely. It is only possible to minimize the angle of the residual image and reduce the amplitude of the sway. If the drawing technique is not too hard, it will increase the residual image and shake, and the picture will not be tolerated. This is also one of the fundamental reasons that led many people who have learned stereo to finally give up.

Faults are another thorny issue for three-dimensional painting. The fault is the break between the three-dimensional layers, revealing several obvious cracks on the picture. Most training institutions and most stereoscopic production companies cannot solve this problem. This is another reason why many people who have studied stereos finally give up. After a long and arduous practice and exploration, Guangzhou Baoqian Trading Company has completely eliminated this problem. The application of inter-layer optimization technology and real-time approximation technology makes the picture smooth and seamless, regardless of the depth of field, the complexity of objects, and the complexity of the picture. Really real-life reproduction.

In addition to the above two aspects are more difficult to learn, the whole picture is a third difficulty. I just started to learn to do three-dimensional, and often face the picture without knowing where to start. After a long period of practice, the judgment ability of the picture will be greatly improved, and the drawing speed will be much faster. The difference between Guangzhou Baoqian Trading Company is that the picture conception and hierarchical division follow the deep data simulation rule. This method can accurately control the real displacement of each point and each layer on the screen, and then accurately control the stereoscopic intensity of the picture.

Finally, the fast and accurate judgment of the raster data. In recent years, as the number of gratings has increased, the size of the grating has become larger and larger. The larger the grating, the worse the data stability. If you do a hundred paintings, you have to measure a hundred times. Once you have measured it, you have to repeat it hundreds of times. It is very troublesome. Through the extensive testing of various gratings in China, Baoqian Trading Company has summed up the unique testing technology, and only needs to measure three times to accurately obtain the data of the grating.