What are the performance effects of 3D stereoscopic painting?

- Jul 24, 2019-

In a big way, 3D stereoscopic effects made with grating materials can be divided into two categories:

First, change the painting class:

1, the effect of changing the painting - multiple pictures change up and down or left and right, usually 2-6 patterns change.

2, continuous animation - the screen with the hand swing or the human vision is different, a continuous dynamic effect is seen by a picture, the picture is in the process of step by step, like a continuous TV picture.

3, shrinking effect --- is the screen with the hand swing or the human vision is different, the picture from large to small or from small to large, resulting in continuous progressive or backward, expanding or shrinking feeling, there are dynamic or animation effects, can Highlight the main body and achieve a good publicity role.

4, the effect of dissolution - from a picture gradually transformed into another picture, forming a magical effect.

Second, the three-dimensional effect:

1. Layered Stereo---A layered production of images by professional designers, so that there is a sense of space and three-dimensionality between the layers before and after the image, because each layer of the layered stereo is still a flat effect, so the relative In the case of simulated true stereo, layered stereo has no realism.

2, simulation of real three---In addition to the strong spatial sense between the layers, all objects have a real sense of reality, simulating the shape of the object itself, forming a simulated real-world image.