The difference between 3D stereo prints and ordinary prints

- Jun 30, 2019-

3D three-dimensional painting is a new effect printed product developed in the past few years. Its characteristics are: strong stereoscopic effect, high definition, relatively clear layers, strong dynamics, and effects that can be changed. Because of its own characteristics, its printing is also different.

The first point: starting from the design file is not the same. Plane printing, in the case of picture accuracy, you can publish direct printing, and 3D stereo printing, in the case of plan accuracy, 3D professional design, after design, according to the grating used in three-dimensional painting The distance of the three-dimensional material can be processed before it can be printed.

The second point: 3D three-dimensional printing requirements are more stringent, the requirements for precision are relatively high, generally used overprinting is better, and the definition saturation is relatively moderate, the color accuracy requirements are higher.

The third point: in terms of price, since the 3D three-dimensional products are relatively high in design, material production, printing requirements, quality control, etc., its price is also 30%-60% higher than the price of ordinary printing flat products.

The fourth point: it should be different, flat printing is applied to all aspects of life, but the application of 3D stereo printing products still has certain limitations.

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