Notes in 3D Printing and Platemaking

- Jun 10, 2019-

(1) Stereo photographs usually adopt the offset plate making method. Considering the fineness of the stereo image pixels and the magnification of the cylindrical grating, the density of the mesh line must not be lower than 300 lines/inch.

(2) Since the three-dimensional original is composed of a series of closely arranged pixels, after the plate making and printing, the cylindrical mirror plate is also composited. Therefore, the three-dimensional printing is different from the ordinary color printing screening angle, in order to avoid the moiré, different gratings The three-dimensional printing of the distance should have different angles of the combination of the yellow, magenta, cyan, and black colors. Among them, the blue and black versions can have the same angle. If the three-color ink is overlaid, it is close to neutral gray. The error caused by the four overprints does not have to be printed in black.