How should 3D paintings be promoted?

- Jun 25, 2019-

In our daily life, we can see all kinds of 3D stereoscopic paintings in almost all places. At present, 3D stereoscopic paintings can be seen everywhere in the market, so how do 3D printing products be promoted and promoted in enterprises? What about it?

Visually, it mainly uses three kinds of plane images, visual images, and physical imaging. Products with 3D stereoscopic images can greatly promote the effect of publicity. It is a favorite form of propaganda for many modern enterprises, and it is also a promotion method and promotion means for making product content more abundant.

The effect of 3D printing products:

1. The image of 3D three-dimensional painting is very realistic, thus increasing the performance of the product in the advertisement, and having the feeling of being at your fingertips, attracting the eye of the consumer and enhancing the desire of the customer to purchase;

2. In the process of product promotion and promotion, through the 3D printing of the 3D world, it floats out into a life-like stereoscopic visual experience, which makes the expression of the picture more reflect its value;

3, 3D three-dimensional picture can be large or small, not limited to the fixed size of the product, with a variety of forms of expression, and thus has been loved by countless friends.

4, 3D printed products in the promotion process, there is no site requirements, can be placed in any environment, the most effective display in any space;

5, 3D three-dimensional painting has a good shelf life, and in a long period of time, you can still keep the original style unchanged;

6, in the production cost, 3D printing cost is not expensive, very suitable for mass production, can be from a relatively small business card to a relatively large wall design, and the stereo effect is very good, the product promotion effect is in place. The return on investment in 3D printing is far greater than the production of flat images.

Now that the 3D stereoscopic effect is already the same, with the development of technology in the future, I believe that the market of 3D stereoscopic painting will become more and more popular.