Customize your own 3D postcard

- Jul 05, 2019-

Nowadays people like to go out and play, and take advantage of young people to leave some good memories. They want to make their photos into postcards and give them gifts. Let them share the beautiful scenery they see, if you want to have it. What is your preparation for your own 3D postcard?

The three-dimensional postcard breaks through the limitations of the traditional two-dimensional space of the flat postcard, and truly reproduces the three-dimensional sense of space. The 3D stereo postcards make the Qianli figure of the young men and women who pursue fashion more exquisite, let the youth photo leave the most dazzling moment in life... Three-dimensional postcards, vivid, extraordinary, and different! It has a strong appreciation, commemoration and collection value, retaining a beautiful moment and creating an eternal personality!

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Our company specializes in designing and producing 3D stereo postcards. As long as you can provide high-definition big pictures, ordinary digital cameras can shoot. Above 300pix, general cameras can reach them, then contact us, we will design and produce according to your requirements. Belong to your own personalized three-dimensional postcard, the stereo effect is realistic and vivid.

The three-dimensional postcard is an artistic picture with stereo motion effect made by computer imaging simulation design and optical medium. It is characterized by distinct layers and vivid life. An excellent three-dimensional postcard is not only a commemorative photo to retain happiness, but also a collection of exquisite works of art. It also shows the status and economic strength of the owner, and has a strong sense of appreciation and time. .