Create a new era of 3D industry

- Jun 15, 2019-

The 2016 Spring Festival file has also appeared on several 3D new movies, and the box office once reached more than one billion. It is obvious that 3D is really hot. This is a new era of 3D industry. The first question for people to go to the movies and buy tickets is: Is it 3D? Then decide whether to buy a movie ticket, which is enough to reflect the status of 3D in people's minds, and even a little bit of non-image in 3D.

In this busy era, modern technology has made people's lifestyles change every day, and leisure and entertainment life is changing. As a hot industry in recent years, the 3D industry has attracted the attention of many manufacturers. People are amazed at the fact that this technology brings people a strong visual impact through the film. The three-dimensional image makes the audience feel as if they are there.

A large number of 3D products emerge one after another. From a global perspective, the 3D industry belongs to the sunrise industry. Chinese companies with independent innovation strength are actually at the same starting line with European and American giants.