Advantages of 3D printing products

- Jun 10, 2019-

First of all, the 3D three-dimensional printing product can reproduce objects realistically and has a strong three-dimensional feeling. The product image is clear, the level is rich, the image is realistic, and the artistic conception is deep.

Secondly, 3D three-dimensional printed originals are often formed by modeling or scenery, while 3D printed materials are generally selected for high-quality coated paper and high-temperature ink printing, so the gloss is good, the color is bright, and it is not easy to fade.

Finally, the surface of the 3D printed product is covered with a layer of concave-convex lenticular grating material, which can directly view the stereoscopic effect of the panoramic picture, so that the user can directly enjoy the perfect stereoscopic effect of the stereoscopic picture directly.