3D three-dimensional decorative painting application

- Jul 05, 2019-

3D three-dimensional painting can transform any flat picture into a three-dimensional picture with 3D effect, and see the three-dimensional effect in one position. The things in the painting can be both deep in the painting and elegant in the painting, vivid and vivid. Give people a strong visual impact, let people forget to return after watching, and never forget, known as "the image of life."

The three-dimensional painting production involves a free-form stereoscopic image synthesis technology, which is characterized in that it does not require any instrument or tool for observation, and does not require training, and does not require eye-eye adjustment (like before, three-dimensional painting) It is necessary to adjust the eyeball to see the stereoscopic effect), but a stereoscopic image or picture that can be directly seen and enjoyed at a glance, which is a true visual stereoscopic technique. In front of our products, anyone will find a new three-dimensional world at a glance and enter a virtual reality space.


Three-dimensional painting, vivid color, bright, layered, fine texture, strong three-dimensional and deep sense, the effect is lifelike, giving people a strong visual impact, ready to come, at your fingertips, immersive feeling; Suitable for decoration, wedding photo studio, living room, dining room, bedroom, study, children's room, aisle and other spaces; office, conference room and other tooling space decoration; indoor and outdoor advertising, hotel lobby, guest rooms, various leisure places and other commercial space decoration. Different material crafts, different decorative effects, new breakthroughs in image decoration!