3D stereoscopic painting has become an inevitable choice for the printing industry

- Jun 30, 2019-

Environmental protection, user experience, great health and Internet+, different companies are making innovations and breakthroughs in different fields. Although the traditional printing and packaging enterprises are not ruined, some are gradually withdrawing from the market, but there are still many companies in the market, and others are further expanding their business and hedging the potential risks brought by traditional businesses. Just as the sudden emergence of 3D stereoscopic printing has also caused great repercussions in the industry.

Throughout now, young people are showing some new consumer attitudes. For example, they are no longer satisfied with the consumption of the basic material life of the older generation, but are promoted to the spiritual level. They emphasize the feeling of consumption and experience. They prefer to personalize and customize consumption that is self-accustomed. They also like participatory, part-time consumption. And 3D stereo printing is just enough to meet their needs, not only to attract their attention, but also to meet their individual needs, but also very cost-effective.

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Relevant information shows that in China, the market concentration of the packaging industry is relatively low, about 90% is for SMEs, and the market share of single companies is less than 1%. Internationally, U.S. International Paper accounts for 27% of the paper packaging market, BEMIS The market share of plastic flexible packaging is 20%. From the perspective of the concentration of the entire packaging industry, the top five packaging companies in the United States share more than 70%, and the top two packaging companies in Australia share more than 90%. Therefore, China's industry concentration is still relatively large. Room for improvement. It is not difficult to see that the 3D stereoscopic printing market has great potential.