3D stereo postcards have such a large market potential

- Jun 30, 2019-

With the rapid development of technology, various electronic products are constantly pouring into people's lives. The traditional paper products that have passed slowly are not so popular. Fortunately, there are 3D printing technologies, once again. It has attracted people's attention, which triggered a series of chain reactions, such as 3D stereoscopic painting, 3D stereo postcards, 3D stereo greeting cards, 3D stereo posters, 3D stereo refrigerator stickers, 3D stereo packaging boxes and other products, let the traditional industry once again Returned to the craze.

What is even more surprising is that because of the 3D printing technology, the small 3D stereo postcards that have been inconspicuous have caused the sales of postcards of major tourist attractions to rise. The ordinary flat style postcards can record the beauty of the scenery. But it doesn't give people a shocking feeling. Fortunately, with the appearance of 3D stereo postcards, it just fills in this shortcoming. 3D stereo postcards can not only better record the charm of various tourist attractions, but also give people a kind of A more realistic experience.

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Surprise! Small 3D stereo postcards have such a large market potential. Guangzhou Baoqian Trading Company firmly grasps the trend of the times and seeks the integration of the East and the West. The combination of rationality and sensibility, science and art creates the spirit of the times and local colors. The 3D works of individuality have long formed our unique artistic culture, which further reveals the meaning of people's demand for life art.