3D postcard marketing role

- Jun 20, 2019-

With the continuous development of Internet technology, the marketing role of 3D postcards has also been maximized, and many people are surprised. 3D postcard is a new type of advertising media that is made of 3D ultra-thin high-definition lenticular sheet, which has the same information as ordinary postcards, exchanges emotions, and has a stereoscopic effect. The 3D postcard's picture has a strong visual impact and environmental appeal, making people's eyes shine and have a feeling of appreciation.

So, what are the marketing roles of 3D postcards? Can be reflected in the following points:

1, 3D postcards adopt a modern communication style, which is a way of information transmission that contemporary people like.

2, 3D postcards have greater influence, and a 3D postcard with a spatial perspective can almost win 100% of the attention of the recipient.

3. Marketing with 3D postcards can save costs. Compared with other marketing methods, the cost is lower, achieving low cost and high profit.

4, Marketing with 3D postcards can save time, do not spend too much time writing a copy for it, and the time required to complete printing and mailing is not much.

5. Marketing with 3D postcards is very simple. The content can be expressed in simple text. For example, directly put on the website and let them log in to the website to learn about the company.

6, 3D postcards are flexible and can be accepted by any type of business. Whether you are selling products or services, it has the same effect, and it can adapt to various marketing methods.

7, 3D postcards are more humane, people are more accustomed and willing to accept postcards from friends and family, so companies can take advantage of people's hobbies, design postcards more creative, more warm, not let them look Like a magazine ad. Of course, the recipient will eventually find that your 3D postcard is really just a magazine advertisement, but their attitude towards the card is as much as the letter to the friend, and this will bring you more potential customers.