Custom Animation Acrylic Board

Acrylic station board, printing pattern clear, fine gradation, good quality, high quality, pattern waterproof and scratch proof.

Product Details

Product information

Name: Acrylic mounting

College brand: a global search

Color: color printing college

Features: advanced printing equipment, clear printing products, higher clarity, quality acrylic easy dyeing processing, beautiful appearance, tasteless green environmental protection.

Single side printing, double side protective film, can print logo, welcome to customize your own acrylic furnishing.


Our products

3D letterpress printing, flip printing products.

PET/PP/PVC plastic box, stationery.

Gifts, advertising, promotional products.

Daily necessities packaging, home decoration.

3D letterpress printing service.

The product application

Our main business scope includes 3D optical lenses for a variety of UV printing, rolled-over, anti-counterfeiting technologies. All of these technologies can be applied to stationery, gifts, advertising, cosmetics, toys, electronics, promotional items, high-end color box packaging, travel, media, etc.

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