Cartoon acrylic

Cartoon character acrylic plate custom, personalized customized mobile phone stand display frame custom.

Product Details

First-class acrylic manufacturers, using raw materials production, products can be in the long-term use of the process, the preservation of beautiful as new.

Base: select acrylic raw materials made of domestic new acrylic board, the product will not yellowing for a long time, do not fade.

Polishing: Exquisite technology, keep improving, after many times of polishing, working procedure, make the product shiny and smooth at the same time, prevent cutting hands.

Thickening: high strength magnet, side Angle silky smooth, thickening acrylic deckard for many times to polish the foundation, keep improving, smooth hands do not hurt, rest easy to use.

Welcome to customize the acrylic card of cartoon characters, you can customize the display stand of mobile phone stand.

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